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Rare Cheshire Jewel Button:
- #22, Clambroth & purple glass, NBS small size

cheshire Thumbnail

Extra-large Copper Flower Button:
- hand made, signed on the back

copper Thumbnail

Group of Enamel Buttons:
- Champleve couple with a dog
- School livery shields; harp; unicorn
- Realistic 4-leaf clover

enamels Thumbnail

National, Regional & State Button Show Favor Buttons:

Favor Buttons - Scan A
- Enamel Eagle Totem by Diana Wieler for the Canada Pioneer Button Club 55th anniversary
- Copper Michilimakinac Hunt club reproduction for NBS 2006

favorsA Thumbnail

Favor Buttons - Scan B
- Jasperware Everglades Swamp Boat Button by Katie Cooper for NBS 2018

favorsB Thumbnail

Favor Buttons - Scan C
- Fused Glass King of Spades Playing Card by Kay Ferguson for WRBA 2018
- Fused Glass Queen of Hearts Playing Card by Kay Ferguson for WRBA 2018
- Enameled pewter letter "C" with rabbit & crescent moon button by William Hentges for NBS 2017

favorsC Thumbnail

Favor Buttons - Scan D
- Realistic Amish Man from NBS 1994 in Camp Hill, PA.
- Jasperware Map of Iowa with corn & verbal by Still Rzanski from NBS 1985
- Transfer on Porcelain Plymouth Rock with verbal from MSBS 1967
- Enamel symbols of Kansas & Oklahoma for NBS 1983
- Jasperware Cabin in the Forest by Katie Cooper for CSBS 2017

favorsD Thumbnail

Favor Buttons - Scan E
- Torch worked glass Hot Dog on a stick & Bun Button by Mary Gaumond for NYSBS 2014
- Torch worked glass Heart Button by Delilah Davis for MRBA 2018
- Torch worked glass k-ting by Kathy Hoppe for MSBS 2018

favorsE Thumbnail

Fun and Funky Buttons:
- Bald Head or manikin head, celluloid over another plastic
- Little Red Riding Hood & the Wolf, paper under celluloid
- Real Peacock Feather under celluloid set in metal
- Buddah, Jasperware realistic by Shirley Shaw
- GAP, design with mirrors
- Real Peacock Feather under celluloid set in resin
- Fimo Asian floral design with fun back
- Real shell chips set in resin in a fun shape

funs Thumbnail

Marvelous Modern Glass Buttons:
- Extra-large Popper glass button in a spindle shape with unusual overlay & luster
- White & Red glass with unusual stenciled design & luster
- Pierced Caramel glass flowers
- Belted design with paint in many colors of glass
- Flower design with silver luster in many colors of glass

glass Thumbnail

Mostly Moveable Buttons:
- Glass & Wood Beads set in (loosely so they move) a fabric covered cup button
- Native American beaded design with leather dangles
- Glass beads & silky fabric with a tassel
- Black plastic shape with silky fabric a tassel

moveables Thumbnail

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