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Extra-large Metalized Artid Buttons
- People, Gods & Birds

artids Thumbnail

Group of Fun Plastic Buttons:
- Feathers in Nylon ? with Design In Plastic details

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Some Pretty Unusual Plastic Buttons:
- Extra-large pierced casein Flowers, possibly by Scemama
- Extra-large pierced casein Leaves, possibly by Scemama

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Acrylic Shot Buttons
Scan - N97:

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Funky French Couture Buttons
Scan - N167:

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Lea Stein Rhodoid Plastic Buttons:
Cellulose acetate laminated into multiple layers and then cut
to reveal the colors. Made to look like and compete with formica,
c.1950's - 70's. **Same plastic and designs as in Lea Stein jewelry.**
National Button Society Section 9-A Synthetic Polymers Handbook - p.15.

Lea Stein Rhodoid Buttons
Scan - N119:

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Lea Stein Rhodoid Buttons
Scan - N168:

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Polyester Glows Plastic Buttons
Scan - N269:

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Cards of Assorted Plastic Buttons
Acrylic & Other Plastic Buttons - Scan 3A
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Plastic Acrylic & Lucite buttons - Scan 4
plastics4 Thumbnail

Plastics & Junque Buttons - Scan 6
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Vintage Plastic Buttons - Scan 9
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Assorted Plastic Buttons - Scan EE
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ARTID Buttons from England!

Artid Plastic Buttons - Scan 7A
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ARTID buttons are made from melamine-like plastic,
imitating carved ivory. c. 1947 - 1970's. Similar to BBB-p.68#9.
Backmark: "ARTID, Made in England".
Priced next to each button in dollars.
Ruler at bottom of scan for measuring.
Ask about what is still available.

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