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Kate Greenaway & Children Buttons
- Ring-a-rosie, white metal with openwork
- unusual KG ? in black glass with silver luster

kgreenaways Thumbnail

People and Animal Life Steel-cup Buttons
Scan - N36:

N36 Thumbnail

More People and Animal Life Buttons
Scan - N37:

N37 Thumbnail

French Fop Metal Buttons
Scan - N38:

N38 Thumbnail

Unusual Picture & Story Buttons
Scan - N75:

N75 Thumbnail

Kate Greenaway Buttons
Scan - N109:

N109 Thumbnail

Scan - N110:

N110 Thumbnail

Picture Buttons with Original Tints
Scan - N120:

120 Thumbnail

Buttons with Fancy & Unusual Borders
Border Buttons - Scan A
bordersA Thumbnail

Border Buttons - Scan B
bordersB Thumbnail

Card of Coin & Coin-like Buttons

Coin & Coin-like - Scan A
coinsA Thumbnail

Trays of LUCK:
- four leaf clovers, horseshoes, shamrocks, etc...
Clover & Shamrock Buttons - Scan 1
luck1 Thumbnail

Clover & Shamrock Buttons - Scan 2
luck2 Thumbnail

Trays of Musicians & Music Buttons:
Musicians & Music - Scan A
musicA Thumbnail

Musicians & Music - Scan B
musicB Thumbnail

Objects buttons: Music - Scan 3
objects3 Thumbnail

Pictures, Stories & Fable Buttons

Men - Scan 1
pictures1 Thumbnail

French Fops - Scan 4
pictures4 Thumbnail

Clowns & Jesters - Scan 5
pictures5 stories5

Opera & Theater - Scan 6
pictures6 Thumbnail

Screen backs - Scan 8
pictures8 Thumbnail

Boys - Scan 9
pics9 Thumbnail

Girls - Scan 10
pics10 Thumbnail

Women - Scan 11
pics11 Thumbnail

Couples & Families - Scan 12
pics12 Thumbnail

Gnomes & Putti - Scan 13
pictures13 Thumbnail

Fables - Scan 14
pictures14 Thumbnail

Children's Stories - Scan 15
pictures15 Thumbnail

Children & Babies - Scan 16
pictures16 Thumbnail

Cherubs & Cupids - Scan 18
pics16 Thumbnail

Mythological - Scan 19
pics19 Thumbnail

NBS Medium Size Picture Buttons - Scan 20
pictures20 Thumbnail

NBS Small Size Picture Buttons - Scan B
picturesB Thumbnail

Kate Greenaway - Scan E
picsE Thumbnail

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