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Buttons Depicting People & The Devil:
- The Devil seated on a crocodile, tinted brass
- Enema - themed satirical scenes, white metal single post studs
- Girl digging with a shovel, French white metal
- 5 different Joan of Arc buttons

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Fun Buttons of People:
- Child posing, lithograph set in smokey pearl
- African Native flicker (movable) button

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People Depicted on Buttons
- Sailor boy carrying a fishing basket, flag and pail
- Sailor peering through a lifesaver
- Atlas holding up the world
- Artemis with her dog, signed: A Bargas
- Joan of Arc, signed Rasumny
- Joan of Arc carrying the flag of France

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People & Mythological People Buttons
- Medea in a handkerchief corner border, brass with tole finish
- Joan of Arc buttons, white metal
- Horse & Rider jumping a fence, 2-piece stamped brass
- "Little Lord Fauntleroy and His Dog", stamped & tinted brass
- Bare butt & naked beings on buttons

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Group of People Buttons in white metal, C. 1960's:
- 3 Famous French Royals

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"Walk Like An Egyptian"

- Egyptian funerary mask buttons
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More Pretty Ladies Buttons
Scan - N14:

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Tintype & Other Photographic Buttons
Scan - N53:

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Movie Stars & Other Famous People Buttons
Scan - N111:

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Asian People & Other Asian Buttons
Scan - N124:

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Asian People & Other Asian Buttons
Scan - N236:

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Asian People & Other Asian Buttons
Scan - N498:

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Asian People & Other Asian Buttons
Scan - N499:

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Lithograph Head Buttons
Scan - N143:

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Egyptian Buttons
Scan - N85:

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Egyptian Buttons
Scan - N505:

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Heads of People Buttons
Scan - N155:

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Heads of People Buttons in the Art Nouveau Style
Scan - N199:

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People Buttons: Clowns & Jesters
Scan - N375:

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People Buttons: Royalty
Scan - N385:

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People Buttons: Identifiable
Scan - N428:

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