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Colorful & Jeweled Buttons:
- Austro Hungarian jewel button
- 19th c. Cobalt enamel set in silver with paste OME
- 19th c. multi-colored faceted cut-steel on silvered brass

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Extra-large Copper Flower Button:
- hand made, signed on the back

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Copper Animal Life Buttons:
- Jockey riding a horse
- Golden (Chinese) Pheasant

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Assorted Aluminum Buttons
Scan - N130:

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French Aluminum Buttons
Scan - N131:

N131 Thumbnail

Copper Buttons
Scan - N162:

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Damascene and Niello Buttons
Scan - N99:

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Metal Work Buttons: Damascene, Niello etc...
Scan - N326:

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Early Gilt Watch Case Buttons
Scan - N325:

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Pewter & Silver Buttons: Battersea
Scan - N376:

N376 Thumbnail

Pewter Buttons: Christina
Scan - N377:

N377 Thumbnail

Pewter Buttons: Hard White & Face
Scan - N378:

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18th c. Bolton Steel Buttons
Scan - N105:

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Steel Buttons: Steel-cups
Scan - N36:

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Steel Buttons: Steel-cups
Scan - N407:

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Steel Buttons: Steel-cups
Scan - N408:

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Tole and Japanned Buttons
Scan - N121:

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Twinkle Buttons
Scan - N435:

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