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Buttons of Different Materials:
- Horn Harp button worn by Guinness workers
- Gutta Percha crossed arrows in a modified square shape, back marked: "L. G. J. & F. PATENT"
- Resin with bird seeds embedded on the top, back marked: "RAYGENE PARIS"
- Paper under resin, Teddybear having tea, signed: "Shirley"

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Buttons Made From Unusual Materials:
- Coconut shell with photographic transfers of people
- Antler with turquoise chips inlay
- Wood with Pyrography sewing implements and French words "made by myself""
- Dutch woman in native costume, molded plastic

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Paper Russian Mache & Painted Wood Buttons:
- Cross with white flowers, signed by the artist
- Church scene, signed by the artist
- Identifiable man, signed by the artist

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Wood & Wood Background Buttons:
- Laser etched spool, thread and needle
- Steel & brass floral design set in wood
- Carved leopard or cheetah head
- Woman wearing a headdress, brass over a wood background
- Flower fairy, brass set in a wood cup
- Rooster head, steel & brass with wood background in a steel cup
- Boxwood realistic animals

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Wood and Other Material Buttons:
- Diamond D square, signed, NBS large size
- Realistic Nut, carved wood, NBS large size
- Realistic African head, carved wood, NBS large size

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Painted Plaster Buttons:
- Realistic Asian person wearing a hat, NBS large size
- Realistic baby deer head, NBS large size

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Mostly Moveable Buttons:
- Glass & Wood Beads set in (loosely so they move) a fabric covered cup button
- Native American beaded design with leather dangles
- Glass beads & silky fabric with a tassel
- Black plastic shape with silky fabric a tassel

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Egyptian & Persian Buttons
- Scarabs, ceramic set in metal
- Persian warrior, tinted brass on pierced white metal modified square
- Sphinx, carved two-toned pearl 2-hole sew-thru

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Chinese Cinnabar Buttons
Scan - N55:

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Gutta Percha Buttons
Scan - N116:

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Birmingham Trade Buttons
Scan - N117:

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Composition Buttons
Scan - N157:

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Composition Buttons
Scan - N502:

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Buttons Made from Assorted Materials
Scan - N163:

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Buttons with Movable Parts
Scan - N164:

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Buttons Made from Assorted Materials
Scan - N165:

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Buttons Made from Assorted Materials
Scan - N443:

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Card of Austrian Tinies buttons
Scan - N303:

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Rubber Buttons
Scan - N340:

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Rubber Buttons
Scan - N537:

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Whistle-hole Buttons
Scan - N456:

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For those of you working on the 2020 NERBA award #15
here are some NBS medium size Sew-thru Buttons
Scan - N494:

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Scan - N495:

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Scan - N496:

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