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A Swarm of Insect Buttons:
- Moth or butterfly, transfer on celluloid set in metal
- Butterfly near flowers, fimo
- Bee with a border of circles in two NBS medium sizes of enamel
- Bakelite Bugs, three laminated pieces
- Beetle, transfer on casein
- Black Spider, ceramic
- Grasshopper, copper enamel
- Dragonfly, copper enamel
- Praying mantis & other flying bug, copper enamel
- Moth, copper enamel
- Butterflies, transfers on plastic

insects Thumbnail

Extra Extra Large Bamboo Bee Button:
- 6-hole sew-thru

bambooxlgbee Thumbnail

Insect Buttons: Bees
Scan - N21:

N21 Thumbnail

Insect Buttons: Spiders
Scan - N147:

N147 Thumbnail

Insect Buttons: Fly, Dragonfly, Grasshopper etc...
Scan - N148:

N148 Thumbnail

Insect Buttons: Beetles
Scan - N148:

N149 Thumbnail

Insect Buttons: Butterflies & Moths
Scan - N201:

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