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China Buttons: Calico, Igloo and other Unusuals
Scan - N114:

N114 Thumbnail

China Buttons: Calicoes
Scan - N194:

N194 Thumbnail

China Buttons: Calicoes
Scan - N251:

N251 Thumbnail

China Buttons: TWISS & Others from Briare, France
Scan - N248:

N248 Thumbnail

China Buttons: TWISS from Briare, France
Scan - N249:

N249 Thumbnail

China Buttons: Whistle-holes
Scan - N250:

N250 Thumbnail

China Buttons: Stencils & Bulls eyes
Scan - N252:

N252 Thumbnail

Diminutive Size Buttons: China
Scan - N371:

N371 Thumbnail

Diminutive Size Buttons: China
Scan - N504:

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China Buttons: Blue color etc...
Scan - N401:

N401 Thumbnail

China Buttons: Orange color etc...
Scan - N402:

N402 Thumbnail

China Buttons: from Briare, France and beyond
Scan - N439:

N439 Thumbnail

China Buttons: TWISS
Scan - N491:

N491 Thumbnail

China Buttons: Stencils
Scan - N492:

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China Buttons: Assorted
Scan - N546:

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Briare, France Button & Bead necklaces:
- hand dug & hand strung by Jane & Deb
(these are samples of what can be made)
$35.00 each

Briare Necklaces - Scan A
briarenecklacesA Thumbnail

Briare Necklaces - Scan B
briarenecklacesB Thumbnail

Briare Necklaces - Scan C
briarenecklacesC Thumbnail

Briare Necklaces - Scan D
briarenecklacesD Thumbnail

Bag of Beads & Buttons
- dug by us from the Bapterosse Tile, Button & Bead Dump in Briare, France
(each bag is similar but may contain other samples)

briarebeads Thumbnail

To Order Click here to see some of the womderful china buttons we saw in Briare, France
where the the Bapterosses Factory, Museum are located.

NERBA Click here to go to the China Exchange web site.

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