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Victorian Celluloid Buttons
- Scalloped design on Ivorine
- Bamboo stalks & leaves
- Belt & buckle with pierced metal & faceted cut-steel OME
- Crescent moon & flower with faceted cut-steel OME
- Romantic subjects in hexagons, white metal perforate’s

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Unusual Celluloid Buttons
Scan - N25:

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Victorian Celluloid Buttons
Scan - N126:

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Lithograph Head Buttons
Scan - N143:

N143 Thumbnail

Celluloid Buttons: Victorian
Scan - N246:

N246 Thumbnail

Celluloid Buttons: Tight Tops
Scan - N247:

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Trays of Buffed Celluloid Buttons

Buffed Celluloid buttons - Scan A
celluloidA Thumbnail

Buffed Celluloid buttons - Scan A1
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Trays of Vintage Celluloid Buttons

Celluloid Wafer buttons - Scan 1
celluloid1 Thumbnail

Assorted Celluloid buttons - Scan 5
celluloid5 Thumbnail

One-piece 30's Celluloid buttons - Scan 7
celluloid7 Thumbnail

One-piece 30's Celluloid buttons - Scan 8
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Celluloid Realistic, Weeber & Weeber-type buttons - Scan 10
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