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Bakelite & Plastic Buttons:
- Front and back of Three of hearts cards, painted bakelite
- Art Deco sailboats, casein on casein
- Three movable bakelite circles on plastic
- Casein realistic hats with movable metal brim

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Metalized Plastic Buttons
- African head, metalized celluloid ?
- Woman's head, British Butterscotch Bakelite
- Cherub carting a jar, British Butterscotch Bakelite
- Asian Juggler, metalized celluloid ?

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A Couple of Bakelite Buttons
- Imitation tortoise leaf-type design
- Snail-type shell shape with paste center

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Fun & Goofy Realistic Bakelite Buttons
Scan - N6:

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Fun Bakelite Buttons:
- Extra-large realistic Banana
- Horse head in a squarish shape with a white metal eye

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Cards of Assorted Bakelite Buttons

Bakelite buttons - Scan 1
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Bakelite buttons - Scan 3
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Bakelite buttons - Scan 4
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Bakelite buttons - Scan E
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