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Deer Head Button with a Border of Thistles
- Scottish kilt or sporting button ?

deer Thumbnail

Cats Floating in a Shoe Buttons
- in tinted finishes and openwork

cats Thumbnail

Bamboo Animal & Other Buttons:
- Llama, Sculls, Cat, Rooster on top of Pig on top of Cow, Crab,
Sheep, Sea Turtle & Bulldogs, pyrography techniques

animalsbambo Thumbnail

Group of Animal Buttons:
- Bucking & Galloping Horses, made by Fredrick Welch for Wedgwood set in silver, signed: FAW SILVER
- Foil Horse paperweight, made by John Gooderham
- Seal head, torch worked glass by Jari Sheese
- Cats floating in a shoe, pierced & tinted brass
- Wild Cat, hand carved wood made in Thailand
- Year of the Dog Zodiac , bone set in wood
- Dog listening to gramophone, tooled brass by Kevin Kinne, signed: KK 2003
- Giraffe laying down, stamped & colored sued leather by Cathy Mayer, signed: CM
- Exotic goat, colored Burwood
- Giraffe walking, hand carved vegetable ivory

animalmamals Thumbnail

Reptiles & Amphibian Buttons:
- Lizard with a long tail, stamped white metal
- Snake coiled around a structure, pierced white metal escutcheon over pearl
- Snake & crocodile fighting, pierced white metal
- Lizard on a fence with flowers, tinted & pierced brass
- Friendly Frog, ceramic, signed: CR 2000
- Turtle, Mexican (?) silver, back marked: 925

animalreptilesetc Thumbnail

Mammal Buttons:
- Roaring Lion heads, stamped brass
- Prancing Greyhound, brass escutcheon over casein
- Two (?) squirrels eating in a tree, enamel
- Cat sitting in a basket, stamped & tinted brass
- Monkey sitting on rocks, laser cut bamboo

animals1 Thumbnail

Animal Buttons:
- Realistic horse head, metal with a coating
- Realistic elephant walking, casein (?) plastic
- Two Bats, carved & stained wood
- Bull fighter with bulls border, copper on casein
- Cows with movable legs, plastic & rope
- Howling wolf or dog, carved casein

animals2 Thumbnail

Group of Mammal & Other Animal Buttons
- Kittens in a basket with twinkle border, NBS medium size
- Kangaroo, realistic carved pearl
- Cats, mice and a beach ball in incised & painted bone
- Cat head in white metal with the ears sticking above the border
- Camel in the desert, painted bone with a metal Bidri border
- Rams head, realistic casein with two shanks close together
- Smiling fox head, tinted brass head & border on bakelite
- Frog, x-large pottery

animals Thumbnail

Large Lovely Lion Buttons:
- Sculptural Lion head with paste OME
- Lioness guarding her prey in pierced brass

lions Thumbnail

Dandy Dog Buttons
Scan - N34:

N34 Thumbnail

An Assortment of Animal Buttons
Scan - N64:

N64 Thumbnail

Dog & Dog Head Buttons
Scan - N65:

N65 Thumbnail

Animal Buttons: Cats and Kittens
Scan - N100:

N100 Thumbnail

Animal Buttons: Cats and Kittens
Scan - N183:

N183 Thumbnail

Animal Buttons: Deer, Goats etc...
Scan - N184:

N184 Thumbnail

Animal Buttons: Domestic
Scan - N185:

N185 Thumbnail

Animal Buttons: Elephants
Scan - N186:

N186 Thumbnail

Animal Buttons: Foxes
Scan - N187:

N187 Thumbnail

Animal Buttons: Rabbits
Scan - N188:

N188 Thumbnail

Animal Buttons: Snakes etc...
Scan - N189:

N189 Thumbnail

Animal Buttons: Squirrels
Scan - N190:

N190 Thumbnail

Animal Buttons: Turtles & Tortoises
Scan - N191:

N191 Thumbnail

Animal Buttons: Monkeys, Camels, Hippos etc...
Scan - N192:

N192 Thumbnail

Animal Buttons: Wildcats
Scan - N193:

N193 Thumbnail

Animal Buttons: Amphibians
Scan - N227:

N227 Thumbnail

Animal Buttons: Bears
Scan - N228:

N228 Thumbnail

Animal Buttons: Deer Family
Scan - N229:

N229 Thumbnail

Animal Buttons: Dogs
Scan - N230:

N230 Thumbnail

Animal Buttons: Fabulous Creatures
Scan - N231:

N231 Thumbnail

Animal Buttons: Goats Etc...
Scan - N232:

N232 Thumbnail

Animal Buttons: Horses
Scan - N233:

N233 Thumbnail

Animal Buttons: Reptiles
Scan - N234:

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