17th, 18th & 19th CENTURY

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18th Century Silvered Copper with Fabric Background Button:
- in three sizes, bone back with cat gut shank

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19th Century Jewel Button
- silvered brass with openwork

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18th Century Colonial Copper Buttons
- intricately chased designs

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18th c. Bolton Steel Buttons
Scan - N105:

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18th c. French Repoussˇ Buttons
Scan - N108:

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Lovely 18th Century Buttons
- Mennecy porcelain flowers, 4-way self shank
- Passementerie Star with fabric string back
- Scalloped pearl with brass center and silver foil background
- Pearl with brass & paste OME with fabric string back, NBS medium size
- Pearl octagonal with brass & paste OME
- The Louvre, engraving on paper under glass set in metal
- Carved pearl and wood set in copper

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18th & 19th Century Pearl Buttons
Scan - N1:

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18th Century Copper Buttons
Scan - N82:

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18th Century Copper Buttons
Scan - N83:

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18th Passementerie Fabric Buttons
Scan - N84:

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18th Passementerie Fabric Buttons
Scan - N85:

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18th c. Lady Wearing a Hat Button:
- painting on natural material with interrupted leaves border & paste OME

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18th Century Embroidered Fabric Buttons:
- Dandy floral design

18thFabric Thumbnail

¹ Three Early 19th century Paste Jewel Buttons:
- Weave design, paste set in silver
- Squares in circle design, paste set in silver

19thcpaste Thumbnail

Early Gorgeous Jeweled Buttons
- Seed pearl surrounded by gemstones set in gilded pierced metal

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