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Animal Life Buttons:
- Snake & Alligator, pierced white metal
- Crab, 2-piece brass with Tole finish
- Realistic Dog head, carved bakelite
- Flying Birds, casein & imitation tortoise
- Parrots, brass over fabric set in metal
- Lizard, casein on octagonal brass
- Camel with man, colored composition

animallife Thumbnail

Ceramic & Porcelain Buttons:
- Three baby faces: crying, pouting & smiling in ceramic by Stella Rzanski
- Wedgwood Urns, all back marked
- Wedgwood Rampant Lion, set in metal, back marked
- Wedgwood Roman Heads, set in metal, Hallmarked
- Ruskin ceramic modified square & rectangle, back marked
- Porcelain Clowns by Mary Garland, 1992
- Horse & Rider, transfer on porcelain set in metal
- Penguin, transfer on porcelain

ceramic&porcelain Thumbnail

18th c. Lady Wearing a Hat Button:
- painting on natural material with interrupted leaves border & paste OME

lady Thumbnail

Silver Niello & Bidri Buttons:
- Ships, boats, buildings & designs

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Sporting & Pasttimes Buttons:
- Man riding motorcycle, white metal
- Man riding a camel, stamped brass Sporting (usage), back marked
- French Horses & Riders, brass sporting (usage), Paris back mark
- Early Aviation airplane buttons

pasttimes1 Thumbnail

Fun & Fabulous Pasttime Buttons:
- Person skiing, bakelite on casein
- Person skiing, Burwood sew-thru
- English Hunting scenes, transfer on casein
- Horse & rider jumping a fence, white metal over engraved brass with tole finish
- Teddy Roosevelt on horseback, stamped brass

pasttimes2 Thumbnail

18th c. Pearl Buttons:
- 18th c. Carved pearl star design with paste OME, medium
- 18th c. Carved pearl with copper & paste OME, small

pearls18thc Thumbnail

19th c. & 20th c. Pearl & Shell Buttons:
- Carved 2-tone shell with abalone OME
- 19th c. Flowers painted in gold & silver on smoky pearl set in metal, Paris back mark

pearls Thumbnail

Porcelain Cherub Swinging Button:
- pink painting with gold painted border

porccherub Thumbnail

Japanese Shakudo Buttons:
- Lighting the way for a fallen warrior
- Person discovering an arrow

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