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Pearl Studs with Tintype-like Photograph Transfers
- NBS medium size

photostuds Thumbnail

Oval metal studs of a Fop and a woman
- back marked J.H Brevete

peoplestuds Thumbnail

Two White Metal Studs:
- Brockway Auto Camiones
- Cherub holding the letter X

studs Thumbnail

Goodyear Rubber Mfg. Co. Advertising Stud:
- tinted metal


Cards of Cuff-links & Studs in Assorted Materials:

Cuff-links & Studs - Scan 1
studs1 Thumbnail

Cuff-links & Studs - Scan 2
studs2 Thumbnail

Cuff-links & Studs - Scan 3
studs3 Thumbnail

Cuff-links & Studs - Scan 4
studs4 Thumbnail

Cuff-links & Studs - Scan 5
studs5 Thumbnail

Fine detailed studs!
also sometimes called "Bachelor Buttons",
in many different materials.
Price next to each stud or stud row.
Ruler at the side of scan for measuring.
Ask about what is still available.

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