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Japanese Kutani Porcelain Flower Buttons
Scan - N28:

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Japanese Arita Porcelain Buttons
Scan - N29:

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More Japanese Arita Porcelain Buttons
Scan - N30:

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Japanese Satsuma Buttons
Scan - N31:

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Japanese Satsuma Plant Life Buttons
Scan - N32:

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Hiroshige Tokaido Stations on Satsuma Buttons
Scan - N63:

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Japanese Shakudo Buttons:
- Lighting the way for a fallen warrior
- Person discovering an arrow

shakudos Thumbnail

Some Sensational Satsuma Buttons:
- Asian mother & child
- Woman in a kimono
- Rooster with chick's
- Kachina Dolls/costumes

satsumas Thumbnail

Gorgeous Japanese Satsuma Butterfly buckle!
- both satsuma's started out life as buttons

satsumabutterflies Thumbnail

Cards of Japanese Satsuma Buttons
- birds, Gods, Noh masks, dragons, Geisha's, children, flowers etc...

Satsuma Buttons - Scan A
satsumaA Thumbnail

Satsuma Buttons - Scan C
satsumaC Thumbnail

Arita Porcelain buttons: Arita Porcelain Buttons - Scan D
porcelainD Thumbnail

Kutani Porcelain buttons:
- including flowers, shapes, wisteria

Kutani Porcelain Buttons - Scan E
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