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Skating in Central Park Button:
- stamped brass set in tinted metal

pasttimes Thumbnail

Buttons depicting Playing Cards:
- French enamel set in metal

cards Thumbnail

Buttons Depicting Horse & Riders:
- Horse & Jockey Jumping a fence on a racetrack
- Circus Monkey riding a rearing small horse

horse&riders Thumbnail

Cards of Pasttimes Buttons in Assorted Materials

Pasttimes buttons - Scan A
pasttimesA Thumbnail

Pasttimes (Golf) buttons - Scan B
pasttimesB Thumbnail

Pasttimes (Dancing) buttons - Scan C
pasttimesC Thumbnail

Pasttimes (Skiing & Skating) buttons - Scan D
pasttimesD Thumbnail

Pasttimes (Jasperware) buttons - Scan E
pasttimesE Thumbnail

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