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Unusual Arts & Crafts Era Buttons:
- Extra-large Pinecones, tooled metal with abalone background
- Circle design in enameled silver
- Peasant person in the grass, enameled silver with pierced border

A&C Thumbnail

Buttons in Unusual Materials:
- Habitat, real flowers under glass set in metal
- Horn lamented with wood & pearl

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Russian lacquer hand-painted buttons:
-all NBS large size, Interesting scenes

russuanlacquer Thumbnail

Buttons of Butterflies and Flowers:
- hand made fimo domes set in metal with paste OME

fimo Thumbnail

Fine Feather Buttons:
- Real feathers set in resin
- Seven realistic feathers, pierced casein

feathers Thumbnail

Assorted Materials:
- Hula Girl, hand painted plaster by Diane Ford
- Layered nylon, cork, nylon plastic, 4-hole sew-thru
- Leather over leather star surrounded by dots
- Realistic Suede leather Football with fabric stitching OME

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Buttons of Materials Imitating Other Materials:
- Tinted celluloid Banner & Flowers imitating bone
- Gutta Percha Lion imitating molded black horn

materials1 Thumbnail

A Geisha in an interior scene button:
- transfer on & painted porcelain

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NBS 2015 Show Favor buttons:
- Two George Washington Inaugural replicas

NBSfavor2015073 Thumbnail

Two Unusual Buttons:
- Flowers, carved & painted in relief on bone
- Asian Man, painted in gold on paper mache

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Card of Austrian Tinies buttons
Austrian Tinies Buttons - Scan M
austriantiniesA Thumbnail

Card of Birmingham Trade buttons
Birmingham Trade buttons - Scan AA
miscmaterialsAA Thumbnail

Cinnabar buttons from the collection of John Quimby:

Cinnabar Buttons - Scan 1
JQCinnabar1 Thumbnail

Card of Moveable buttons
Moveable Buttons - Scan A
moveableA Thumbnail

Four Trays of Buttons Made From Misc. Materials

Misc. Materials: Plaster Buttons - Scan A
miscellaneousmaterialsA Thumbnail

Misc. Materials: Acrylic Shot & Others - Scan BB
miscmaterialsBB Thumbnail

Misc. Materials: Plaster & Others - Scan C
miscellaneousmaterialsC Thumbnail

Misc. Materials: Plaster & Others - Scan DD
miscellaneousmaterialsDD Thumbnail

Misc. Materials: Gutta Percha etc... Scan E
miscellaneousmaterialsE Thumbnail

Misc. Materials: Metalized - Scan F
miscmaterialsF Thumbnail

Misc. Materials: Cinnabar - Scan G
miscmaterialsG Thumbnail

Misc. Materials: Assorted - Scan G3
miscmaterialsG3 Thumbnail

Misc. Materials: ANN & GAP - Scan H
miscmaterialsH Thumbnail

Misc. Materials: Raffia etc... - Scan I
miscellaneousI Thumbnail

Misc. Materials: Paper & Other - Scan J
miscellaneousmaterialsJ Thumbnail

NBS State Favor Buttons

Misc. Materials - Scan K
miscellaneousmaterialsK Thumbnail

Cards of Unusual Goodyear Rubber Buttons

Goodyear Rubber buttons - Scan 1
rubber1 Thumbnail

Goodyear Rubber buttons - Scan 2
rubber2 Thumbnail

Modern Rubber buttons - Scan 5
rubber5 Thumbnail

Two Cards of Whistle-hole buttons
Whistle-hole Buttons - Scan A
whistleholeA Thumbnail

Whistle-hole Buttons - Scan B
whistleholeB Thumbnail

Whistle-hole Buttons - Scan C
whistleholeC Thumbnail

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