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Exquisite Jeweled Buttons:
- Transitional enamel set in silver with paste border
- 19th c. Vermeil gold with garnet, peridot & Mother-of-pearl embellishments

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Group of Glass in Metal & Jeweled Buttons:
- Extra-large red, blue & green paste set in blackened riveted metal
- Purple paste set in an elaborate silver setting, c.19th century
- Arts & Crafts era black glass set in hammered metal
- Purple paste set in filigree-style metal floral setting

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Three Elaborate Gay '90's Jeweled Buttons:
- metal with glass cabochon centers & faceted cut-steel OME

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Vintage Jewels and other jewel buttons

These are beautifully detailed Victorian jewel buttons
with pastes or cabochons set in metal borders.
Each has a loop or self shank.
They have great construction and exceptional workmanship!
Victorian Jewel and Gay'90's" buttons were worn on cloaks or coats
from c.1890 - 1920. Refer to: BBB - p.158.
Some of the buttons in scan D are Vintage, c.1930's - 1970's.
Ruler at the bottom of each scan for measuring.

Gay '90's & Victorian Buttons - Scan A
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Gay '90's & Victorian Buttons - Scan A1
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Gay '90's & Victorian Jewel Buttons - Scan B
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Antique Jewel & Other Jewel Buttons - Scan A2
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Vintage Jewel & Other Jewel Buttons - Scan F
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