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Great Glass Buttons
Scan - N17:

N17 Thumbnail

Old Glass Tingue Buttons
Scan - N19:

N19 Thumbnail

More Old Glass Tingue Buttons
Scan - N20:

N20 Thumbnail

Pretty Old Glass Rose Buttons:
- Rose with rosebuds border, painted white glass modified square with 4-way box shank
- Coralene glass on white glass with gold luster border

glassroses Thumbnail

Beautiful Old Glass Buttons:
- medium size coralene glass flowers
- crane, turtle & butterfly in gold & silver luster

oldglass Thumbnail

Group of Glass Buttons:
- Rosebuds painted on white glass with encrusted gold floral scroll border
- Aquamarine Tingue
- Queen Lilioukanini, black glass over white glass with pastes, rosette shank
- Minerva, painted caramel glass
- Scarab, intermixed lavender & white glass with red glass overlay, silver & gold luster

glass Thumbnail

Old Glass, Enamel & Glass in Metal Buttons:
- Victorian grey glass with gold & silver design, NBS large size
- Green glass realistic leaf button or trim, unusual construction
- Victorian caramel glass with gold & silver design, NBS large size
- Extra-large old cream glass with silver luster, 4-way box shank
- Small Plique-a-jour enamel plant life buttons
- Reverse-painted glass bird buttons set in metal

glass Thumbnail

Lacy-like Old Glass Buttons:
- Victorian era old glass with gold luster

oldglassLacies Thumbnail

Cards of Unusual Old Glass buttons:
Old Glass Buttons - Scan A1
oldglassA1 Thumbnail

Old Glass Antiquarian Buttons - Scan D
oldglassD Thumbnail

Old Glass & T.W & W. Backmark Buttons - Scan F
oldglassF Thumbnail

Old Glass Rosette Shank Buttons - Scan F2
oldglassF2 Thumbnail

Old Glass Buttons - Scan F22
oldglassF22 Thumbnail

Old Popper Glass Buttons - Scan H
oldglassH Thumbnail

Old Caramel Glass Buttons - Scan H1
oldglassH1 Thumbnail

Old Caramel & Brown Glass Buttons - Scan H2
oldglassH2 Thumbnail

Old Blue Glass Buttons - Scan H3
oldglassH3 Thumbnail

Old Glass Pinshank Buttons - Scan M1
oldglassM1 Thumbnail

Old Red & Ruby Glass Buttons - Scan M2
oldglassM2 Thumbnail

Old Glass in glass Buttons - Scan M3
oldglassM3 Thumbnail

Blown Glass Buttons - Scan OO
oldglassOO Thumbnail

Clam Broth Old Glass buttons - Scan Q
oldglassQ Thumbnail

Pearlized Old Glass Buttons - Scan Q1
oldglassQ1 Thumbnail

Assorted Old Glass Buttons - Scan Q2
oldglassQ2 Thumbnail

Assorted Old Glass & Glass in Metal Buttons - Scan Q4
oldglassQ4 Thumbnail

Assorted Old Glass buttons - Scan QZ
oldglassQZ Thumbnail

Old Glass with Goldstone Buttons - Scan RR
oldglassRR  Thumbnail

Old Glass Pigeon Eye Glass Buttons - Scan T
oldglassT Thumbnail

Assorted Old Glass Buttons - Scan WX
oldglassWX Thumbnail

Assorted Old Glass Buttons - Scan XY
oldglassXY Thumbnail

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