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Deluxe Enamel Buttons
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Exciting Enamel Buttons
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Deluxe Glass and Enamel Buttons
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Beautiful Enamel Buttons:
- Red Rose of Lancaster, hallmarked silver
- Small enamel over foil by Charles Horner
- Pained enamel flower on silver with flower border
- Blue enamel with roses, pieced brass interrupted leaves border
- Asian enamel container, set in pieced silver, scalloped shape
- Enamel lighthouse & sailboat with faceted cut-steel border
- Cloisonne enamel plant life design set in brass
- Enamel set in hallmarked silver, Liberty & C0. Cymric, Birmingham 1901
- Late 18th - early 19th c. cobalt enamel spindle shape with embedded foil border

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Many Trays of Assorted Enamel buttons

Enamel Buttons - Scan 2
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Enamel Buttons - Scan 9
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Enamel Buttons - Scan 9A
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