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Plique-A-Jour Buttons:
- Flower in colored & black enamel
- red & teal enamel design

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Rows of Roses Button:
- Counter enamel with a metal rim

enamelflowers Thumbnail

Beautiful Enamel buttons:
- Pierced enamel morning glory button
- Fabulous creature bird button
- Large pierced enamel button with glass center
- Young Queen Elizabeth Motiwala ename set in silver button
- Jesus, Motiwala enamel set in silver button
- Large pierced enamel button with inner fleur de lys border and bow & quiver in center

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Some Enamel Buttons:
- Sphynx & hieroglyphics
- Joan of Arc ? head
- Flying cranes, cherry blossoms & Asian characters

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A Deluxe Enamel Button:
- Motiwala Jesus with his sheep, enamel on silver

dlxenamels Thumbnail

Group of Gorgeous Enamel buttons:
- 19th c. Basse-taille red enamel with foil bow, arrows and crossed quivers
- Clear enamel with foil & seed pearls design set in tinted metal

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A Deluxe Enamel Fops Button:
- Enamel with faceted cut-steel border

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Really Fun Enamel Buttons:
- Cupid readying his bow & arrow
- Realistic Owl perched on a crescent moon

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Arts & Crafts Enamel Floral Buttons

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Many Trays of Assorted Enamel buttons

Enamel buttons - Scan 1
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Enamel Buttons - Scan 2
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Enamel Buttons - Scan 7
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Enamel Buttons - Scan 8
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Enamel Buttons - Scan 9
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Enamel Buttons - Scan 9A
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