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Painted Casein Buttons by Edith & Allan Brooks
Scan - N23:

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Cool Casein Buttons
Scan - N24:

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Casein & Other Large Plastic Buttons:
- metal lizard crawling on casein over metal
- Carved & painted flowers with openwork
- Bakelite Dog over black plastic
- Art Deco style blue casein
- Black & cream casein scalloped shape
- Carved & tinted oval casein
- French casein verbal: Heart + Venus and Bacchus + wine bottle
- Casein lion head; tinted purple
- Extra-large casein design with openwork
- Red & black Bakelite modified hexagonal design
- Green & black Bakelite with openwork

caseins361 Thumbnail

Couple of Casein Buttons:
- Jack the Giant Slayer, brass escutcheon on casein
- Silvered brass flower on casein with a fabric background

caseinsb Thumbnail

An Unusual Casein Button:
Extra-large Casein Flowers Button with Pearl Background

casein Thumbnail

Extra-large Plastic Buttons - Scan 1
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Casein Plastic Buttons - Scan 1A
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Casein Plastic Buttons - Scan 8
plastics8 Thumbnail

Casein Plastic Buttons - Scan AA
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Casein Plastic Buttons - Scan BB
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Casein Plastic Buttons - Scan CC
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