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Buttons Made From Natural Materials
Scan - N4:

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Set of Expressive Lion Head Buttons
Scan - N5:

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Carved Eskimo & North West Buttons
Scan - N3:

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Pacific NW Hand Carved Realistic Buttons:
- Ram's head, Lion's head, Eagle's head

mamouths Thumbnail

- Realistic shoe soles, carved antler

bone&ivory0 Thumbnail

Old Bone and other Material Buttons:
- Seated Musician NBS Favor button 2008, wood with bone center
- A Turtle Shell shape Ekipa Tribal Button from Namibia probably and most likely made from Hippopotamus bone.
Click here to see more about the Ekipa tribe

boneetc Thumbnail

Alaskan & other carved Old Ivory & Bone buttons
- mostly eskimo--walruses, seals, bears, people etc...

Alaskan Ivory & Bone buttons - Scan 1
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Bone & Ivory buttons - Scan 2
boneandivory2 Thumbnail

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