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Imitation Wood Black Glass Buttons
Scan - N52:

N52 Thumbnail

Black Glass Buttons:
- Coralene flowers on modern black glass
- Elephant head realistic, matte silver lustered black glass
- 10-pointed Star Tile
- Hand holding a flower, large size
- 3-D squares with 4-pointed star patterns

blackglass Thumbnail

A Most Pointy Beaded Button:
- Black glass beads sewn onto metal

blackglass Thumbnail

Black Glass Buttons:
- Ceres (Demeter) Goddess of the Harvest, NBS large size, matte finish
- Lily-of-the-valley, shiny & matte
- Heron wading, matte finish with white enamel & gold paint
- Crane wading & talking, incised lines with gold & silver, NBS large size
- Nude woman in profile with elaborate background, modified square
- Extra-large riveted and faceted trim

blackglass Thumbnail

Group of Black Glass Buttons:
- Black glass set in metal with steel inset crosses, P.H. PARIS

glassdogs Thumbnail

Very Unusual Metalized Old Glass Buttons
- Amethyst black glass completely covered with metal
- with 4-way box metal shanks

Metalized & Other Old Glass Buttons - Scan KK2
blackglassKK2 Thumbnail

Inside view
metaledglassbacks Thumbnail

Trays of black glass buttons

Black Glass Silver Luster Buttons - Scan 2A
blackglass2A Thumbnail

Black Glass Assorted buttons - Scan 3B
blackglass3B Thumbnail

Black Glass Pictorial buttons - Scan 7
blackglass7 Thumbnail

Black Glass Riveted & Set in Metal Buttons - Scan 11
blackglass11 Thumbnail

Black Glass Tile buttons - Scan 22
blackglass22 Thumbnail

Black Glass Gold Luster buttons - Scan 22B
blackglass22B Thumbnail

Black Glass Deluxe Buttons - Scan BB
blackglassBB Thumbnail

Assorted Black Glass Buttons - Scan BB1
blackglassBB1 Thumbnail

Black Glass Deluxe Buttons - Scan CC
blackglassCC Thumbnail

Black Glass Lacy Design Buttons - Scan D
blackglassD Thumbnail

Black Glass Imitation Fabric Buttons - Scan DD
blackglassDD Thumbnail

Black Glass Silvered & Tinted Red Buttons - Scan EE
blackglassEE Thumbnail

Black Glass Pictorial Buttons - Scan J2
blackglassJ2 Thumbnail

Art Deco Black Glass Buttons - Scan R
blackglassR Thumbnail

Black Glass Buttons - Scan T3
blackglassT3 Thumbnail

Small Black Glass Buttons - Scan T5
blackglassT5 Thumbnail

Small Black Glass Buttons - Scan T6
blackglass6 Thumbnail

Black Glass Buttons - Scan S22
blackglassS22 Thumbnail

Black Glass Swirlback Buttons - Scan 2
swirlbacks2 Thumbnail

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