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Dandy Dog Buttons
Scan - N34:

N34 Thumbnail

An Assortment of Animal Buttons
Scan - N64:

N64 Thumbnail

Dog & Dog Head Buttons
Scan - N65:

N65 Thumbnail

Cute Animal Head Buttons:
- Cat (?), real fur with glass eyes
- Cat head, Pacific NW scrimshaw, signed on front

cats Thumbnail

Lovely Lion Button & Trim:
- Lion's paw & claws; brass trim with 2 shanks at the back upper top
- Lioness head by Valentino with green paste eyes

Valentino&paw Thumbnail

A Groups of Animal Life Buttons:

- Crane fishing, silver inlaid in molded horn
- Honey bee, painted plastic by Atlee, signed
- Big Bad Wolf wearing Grandmother's nightgown & sleeping cap, painted brass, Paris back mark
- Sculptural crab, silvered brass
- Dog looking through an opening, tinted brass
- Doe, hand tooled leather

animalsa Thumbnail

Small Damascene Dragon Buttons:
- in a modified hexagonal shape

damascenedragons Thumbnail

Fabulous Creature Buttons:
- Wyvern, brass with Tole finish
- Chinese Dragon, silver with red enamel mouth
- Chinese Dragon, silver with Chinese verbal

animalscreatures Thumbnail

Group of Squirrel Buttons in Unusual Materials:
- Hand carved Jade squirrels
- Termite wood realistic squirrels

squirrels Thumbnail

Animal Life Buttons:
- Sporting set of animals and birds, white metal shapes

animals2 Thumbnail

Wire Haired Fox Terrier buttons
- Reverse-painted Glass set in metal

oldglassterriers Thumbnail

Large Lovely Lion Buttons:
- Sculptural Lion head with paste OME
- Lioness guarding her prey in pierced brass

lions Thumbnail

Buttons of plastic clothed rabbit bearing flowers

creatures Thumbnail

Many Trays of Animal Life Buttons

Animals - Scan A
animalsA Thumbnail

Animals - Scan C
animalsC Thumbnail

Animals - Scan D
animalsD Thumbnail

Animals - Scan E
animalsE Thumbnail

Animals - Scan G
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Animals - Scan H
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Animals - Scan J
animalsJ Thumbnail

Animals - Scan K
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Animals - Scan L
animalsL Thumbnail

Animals - Scan M
animalsM Thumbnail

Animals - Scan N
animalsN Thumbnail

Animals - Scan P
animalsP Thumbnail

Animals - Scan R
animalsR Thumbnail

Animals - Scan S
animalsS Thumbnail

Animals - Scan T
animalsT Thumbnail

Animals - Scan TT
animalsTT Thumbnail

Animals - Scan V
animalsV Thumbnail

Animals - Scan W
animalsW Thumbnail

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